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          1. PEP小學英語五年級下冊Unit 4 Part B Read and write全英文說課稿(PEP 6) - 給力英語
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            PEP小學英語五年級下冊Unit 4 Part B Read and write全英文說課稿(PEP 6)

            發布:jetshing    時間:2011/4/28 18:59:13     瀏覽:17643次
            Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen:
            The lesson I am going to talk about is Book 6 Unit 4 Part B Read and write from PEP. I think there’re two key points in this lesson. First one is Ss should master the Four-Skill sentences: Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen. Grandpa is writing a letter. Brother is doing homework.  He’s writing an e-mail in the study. ” Second one is how to make a phone or answer a phone in English. The difficult point is how to understand and use the sentences “How’s everybody doing? Just fine.”.
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