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            看BBC學習最新英語詞匯-Words in the News


            Stagecoach 巴士戲院 寧靜的拉巴斯 世界空氣吉他錦標賽
            人生的最大課題 香港大清除行動 最古老的內衣?
            獨特藝術展 鯨魚無處避難 南非女子足球隊
            Psychic fish Queen's small celebration Hanging up on work
            Cat café 貓咖啡廳 Brazilians who won't play ball Hotel in the air
            Tourism amongst the tanks Football crosses ocean Koalas at risk
            Motorcycle diaries 摩托車日記 Standing tall 站得高 An end to traffic-jams?
            Mexican movers墨西哥全民健身舞 Singing grannies 奶奶演唱團 Packing a punch猛烈一擊
            Making a splash Bean through an animal Carnival climax
            On thin ice? Canine cull London's Leaning Tower?
            Sealed fate Leap of Faith Dog's diner
            The art of video games Polar plunge Thriller in Manila
            Coral on thin ice First child of an infant nation Space shuttle's final mission
            Back to nature Mecca or Manhattan? Whale graveyard unearthed
            Mind reading crash course New York snow chaos Dancing into history
            Crocodile tears 80 years at the top Search for the stars
            Laughter yoga in Hanoi Palestinians in UN bid Giraffe on the High Seas
            9/11: Ten Years On Destination Afghanistan Swiss cable guy
            Underwater volcano Indonesian track treatment South Korea's internet addicts
            Hong Kong's hive of business